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Translation Services

Are you looking for top-quality translators to translate your shiny new piece of content?

At Paraphrase Translation, we offer high-quality translation services to many different types of businesses in Vancouver and across Canada. Whether you’re looking to translate marketing materials, correspondence, website pages, administrative and technical documents, ads or any other type of written content, our certified translators can help fulfill your needs in the shortest time possible.

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Translation Services

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What Makes Us Different at Paraphrase Translation?

Have you ever thought about getting your very own translator?

When working with Paraphrase Translation, you “adopt” a certified translator. This means that you work directly with that translator and communicate with him/her right until the end of your project.


Therefore, our approach differs from traditional translation agencies, where many people can work on the same projects and you don’t necessarily end up speaking with the right person.


Over the years, we’ve offered translation services to many brands and industries. Our translators are extremely adaptable and can adjust their tone and approach to fit your brand and your needs.

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Looking for High-Quality
Translation Services?

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Paraphrase: A phrase that conveys the same meaning as another but that uses different wording.

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